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President’s Message

May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the warm rays of sun fall upon your home
And may the hand of a friend always be near.   An Irish Blessing

The Irish blessing is a great reminder that to succeed and be happy, the hand of a friend should always be near! This is exactly what the Sri Lanka Association of Printers should be in encouraging friendship, fellowship and brotherhood within the printing fraternity to be able to identify ‘ourselves’ as a family of printers.

I am indeed privileged and happy to up-date my message at the end of my first year as President of the Sri Lanka Association of Printers. We have enjoyed a successful year in which COLLATE 2014 was outstanding. The united effort of the Executive Committee, the COLLATE Project Committee and the members enabled the participation at the Exhibition at CHOGM which also created a substantial Branding presence for the Print Industry in Sri Lanka.

The successful conducting of Seminars in Galle, Kandy and Vavuniya in partnership with the Export Development Board is another step in the right direction of building the image of the Sri Lanka Association of Printers and the Sri Lanka Print Media Academy.

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SLAP Executive Committee 2014/2015

The 54thExtraordinary General Meeting and the Annual General Meeting of the Sri Lanka Association of Printers were held on 20th June 2014 at the Hotel Hilton.

SLAP Executive Committee 2014/2015

SLAP Executive Committee 2013/2014

SLAP Executive Committee 2011/2012

SLAP Executive Committee 2010/2011


The Sri Lanka Association of Printers is a limited liability enterprise set up under the Companies Act No. 17 of 1982. It is the authoritative body representing the interests of the printing community of Sri Lanka. Its members are drawn from the same printing community, and the Association is a non-profit organization.

The S L A P was set up to protect and develop the Printing Industry of Sri Lanka. Consequently it seeks to build goodwill and promote welfare amongst members. It also seeks to develop the industry introducing modern technology and providing employment opportunities particularly to the youth of the country. The Association speaks for the industry in matters of relevant regulatory matters, in dialogue with the country's administrators. Consonantly, it seeks to enter into relevant agreements with government or other authority to obtain for the industry any rights, concessions, licenses and privileges that it perceives to be beneficial to the industry.

Sri Lanka Association Of Printers was established in 1956.

Postal Address: No. 21, Mulleriyawa Road, Thalahena, Malabe, Sri Lanka.

Telephone : +94 (11) 2741979 / +94 (11) 2741982

Fax : +94 (11) 2741899

E-mail : slap@srilankaprint.com


Light the path for the printing/packaging/graphic media industry in Sri Lanka while helping Sri Lankan printers to be professionals in the global village by providing them with education and awareness of the latest technologies in the field.

Sri Lanka Print Media Academy


The long felt dream of the Sri Lanka Association of Printers is now a reality; after the successful venture into purchasing a plot of land for its’ own secretariat, we have included the facet of training for the industry by incorporating a new entity, the Sri Lanka Print Media Academy.

Launched with financial pledges in the form of Platinum, Gold, Silver and ordinary member subscription from member companies, the building plans are currently being prepared for construction in three phases based on priority.

Once fully commissioned, the facility will house the permanent secretariat of the Sri Lanka Association of Printers along with the Sri Lanka Print Media Academy (SLPMA).

The SLPMA is specially designed to upgrade knowledge and competence via advanced professional programs for print operatives already in the industry as well as provide basic industry training for those entering the noble profession.

Some of the facilities planned to be incorporated within the SLPMA premises are a library, auditorium, computer lab and test facility.

The SLPMA Director’s board that consists of members of the SLAP and reputed suppliers are looking out on the industry for financial aid and sponsorships in order to make this utilitarian project a success.

The official launch of the building and related information will be updated via this website in due course.

Kindly visit to printacademysl.org for more information to ongoing course & upcoming Training programmes

Upcoming Events


Printers Sixes 2015
Date : 23rd May 2015
Venue : NCC Grounds

Download Application : Link

AGM 2015
Date : 26th June 2015
Venue : Kingsbury Hotel